You can contact us for all services for your current or future emergency power installation. Whether it concerns an adjustment of your battery chain, redistribution of your power distribution, relocation, temporary installation, or overall modernization of your system.

PK Solutions helps you with the analysis of your (planned) installation, gives advice, guides you through installation and implementation, and provides a complete after-sales service.

Periodic maintenance is also possible, possibly supplemented with contractually agreed interventions in the event of a breakdown. Contact us without obligation for a free site visit.

UPS as a Service (100% worry free)

By no longer considering your emergency power supply as a product but as a service, you will always enjoy the latest technology and the highest possible operational reliability. All services are included in this formula. This gives you peace of mind both operationally and budgetary. PK Solutions is happy to work out a tailor-made solution for you.


You wish to minimize your risks. Then a service contract is what you need. Your installation will undergo annual preventive maintenance. Also included are the interventions in case of breakdowns or problems. Intervention time can be variably adjusted as desired. Spare parts can also be included in your contract.

Preventive maintenance

To keep your installation in service for a long time and reliably, annual preventive maintenance is recommended. The annual check-up and cleaning of components will certainly benefit the life of your UPS. You can also be ahead of potential problems because their precursors can be detected by all the tests and measurements we perform during this maintenance.

Remote monitoring

In addition to a service contract, your installation can also be permanently monitored by us. This way you can rest assured that your system is working correctly. As soon as this is not the case, PK Solutions will be notified automatically and we will take the necessary actions. Of course this is done with a fully secured VPN connection.

Multi-brand management

Is your UPS fleet a combination of different brands and you can no longer see the trees for the wood? PK Solutions can provide support for most brands to get the most out of your current setup.

Battery mounting

Some battery configurations are completely customized and must be built with the right care and knowledge and connected safely. Our technicians are extremely experienced and skilled in this. Any modifications for distribution of the floor load can also be carried out by us.


We install new systems or can dismantle the entire installation in the event of a move and set it up at the new location. We offer you the right advice before and during the entire process and ensure a seamless integration of your system with your electrical infrastructure. Thanks to our extensive experience, we do not shy away from any challenge. We place and connect the device in the location of your choice, even if it is difficult to access.


Installations can vary from devices with internal batteries, external batteries, multiple battery strings in closed cabinets or open battery racks. In addition, we also take into account specific requirements such as a UPS supported by a diesel group, other facilities for longer autonomy, protection against micro-denominations,...

Battery measurements

With these measurements we detect potential problems or underperformance of your UPS system. A more specific measurement per battery block under load also provides a more accurate picture. This way we can analyze exactly which actions are needed to optimize the whole thing again.

Battery Changes

It happens that batteries reach the end of their life while the UPS system is still in peak condition. Then replacing your batteries can herald the next life cycle of your installation.

Site Survey

We come on site to estimate which specific circumstances affect your installation. In this way you will receive a correct all-in quote from us so that you can be sure of a perfectly finished whole upon delivery.

Power Qualitiy - Analyse

Do you have doubts about the quality of your mains voltage and where you need which device to achieve the desired result? We have all the necessary measuring equipment to check and analyze your electrical network.

Infrared measurements

If you suffer from poor electrical connections, there may be weak components in the chain. Thanks to a measurement with our infrared camera, the stress points in your network can be located.

UPS Audit

Is your current UPS installation still tailored to your current consumption and in line with your plans for the future? A device with lower power and higher efficiency can save you unnecessary costs in the long run.

Energy audit

With more insight into the energy consumption of the different parts of your organization, you can significantly reduce your total consumption. We can measure, analyze and help optimize this for you.

UPS Consultancy

Perhaps you already have a regular partner, but you have doubts or are dissatisfied. We can give you completely brand-independent advice about where things are going well, or where there is room for improvement.

Electrical Modifications

When you install a new UPS installation, your current electrical panel may not be sufficient. PK Solutions carries out all necessary modifications to provide you with a UPS installation tailored to your wishes and requirements.

AZ solutions

Do you have another power quality-related question that you cannot find on our website? Give us a call, we are sure to have a solution ready for you.

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