Core team

Thibaut Marescau

First as founding manager of PK Electronics from 1988 until the acquisition by Eaton Corporation in 2008, later as a consultant for various UPS manufacturers and since 2016 at the helm of PK Solutions. Thibaut has more than 30 years of experience in this sector. UPS systems and Power Quality issues no longer hold any secrets for him.

He will amaze you time and again with his impeccable advice and inexhaustible expertise. Thibaut is not above, but between his team. He is personally involved in every phase of your project, to satisfy you as a customer with the highest possible quality standard.

+32 3 600 79 37

David Ector

From school desks straight into the PK Electronics workshop. An internship became holiday and weekend work and eventually a full-time job. Active in both the technical service and the commercial department, David has already built up a great deal of professional knowledge. This makes him the perfect partner to help you find the best Power Quality solution for your specific application.

His flexibility means that you can encounter David at every stage of your project. From the initial design to the final finishing of your solution on site.

+32 3 600 79 36

Ronny Seeuws

With his passion for everything that contains technology, with the electrical world as a permanent habitat, Ronny is at home in all markets. In the past he was already active as a freelancer for various UPS suppliers, so there is no lack of experience.

Actions speak louder than words with this hands-on technician who builds your installations from scratch and also takes care of the necessary maintenance of your systems.

+32 3 600 79 37

Gerrit Thielemans

Gerrit first worked as an installer of electrical installations, later in collaboration with Ronny, with whom he forms a well-oiled tandem, actively involved in UPS installations. Your ideas for the finishing of your installation become reality in consultation with Gerrit. He finds a solution for every electrical problem thanks to his extensive knowledge of materials.

+32 3 600 70 31

Natalie Potters

Nathalie is the administrative centipede at PK Solutions. She can help you with planning, availability of stock, invoicing, ...

+32 3 600 79 35

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